Garrett Leight California Optical

img c/o Garrett Leight - Playa Sunglass

img c/o Garrett Leight - Playa Sunglass


GLCO started in 2011 with a collection of 4 classic styles inspired by Venice, California. Today, it’s grown into a full fledged fashion empire, the darling of most fashion magazines, stylists, and you can definitely find it on at least one celebrities face you love and one you hate.

The most important thing about Garrett Leight is that they are unabashedly independent. A company with a strong DNA in design, manufacturing, and marketing, they’re also the king of collabs - having worked with Mark McNairy, WANT Les Essentiels, Clare Vivier, Amelie Pichard, Robert Geller, Ulla Johnson, Nick Wooster, and more.

They’ve captured a covetable accessory that is made impeccably, and reasonably priced to top it all off.

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